What's been written about us

People find what we do cool.

You can read (or hear) more about our project at the spots below:

2020-10-20 Reproductive Rights Groups Go High-Tech With ‘Uber for Abortion’ and Encryption at the Daily Beast

2017-08-15 DC Tech Stories podcast

2017-07-26 Tech Meets Abortion Access With the Help of the D.C. Abortion Fund and Abortion Access Hackathon in the Mary Sue

2017-04-26 Who Can Afford to Have Sex? (aka Babies) in the Bad with Money podcast, discusses the fund and how it works

2017-04-05 Coding for Abortion Access in the New Yorker.

2017-03-07 Those at Abortion Access Hackathon Seek to Solve ‘the Very Problems We Are Experiencing’ at Rewire

2017-03-06 Techies team up for abortion access hackathon at CNN Tech

2017-02-01 Abortion Access Hackathon to Help Find Tech-Based Solutions for Abortion Advocates in Teen Vogue.

2016-09-12 How we shipped a community-built project for reproductive justice, a post by the team leads on the Code for DC Blog.