DARIA Services

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What We Do

DARIA Services collaborates with reproductive justice movement organizations and activists on technology matters, allowing these organizations to focus on their mission and carry it out most effectively. DARIA is an open source CRM software for abortion funds, created by abortion funders and friends of abortion funders. DARIA went into service in July 2016 for the DC Abortion Fund and is now used by abortion funds across the United States. In addition, by involving volunteers in the maintenance of this software, we help develop the skills of technologists interested in reproductive justice and those who work in reproductive justice interested in technology.

Who We Are

This work isn't done alone. DARIA was created by a team of over 100 volunteer coders, designers, project managers, and abortion fund case managers, leveraging their engineering and design skills to help abortion funds work and the people they serve seeking abortion care. This team was nurtured under the wing of Code for DC, a brigade of Code for America in Washington, DC.